Farmhouse Green Park

Scheda comune:Trentinara-Campania-Italy

FarmHouse Green Park 

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Contrada Foria - 84070 Trentinara, Salerno, Campania, Italy


In southern Italy, in the region of Campania, in the province of Salerno, near the temples of Paestum, in the Cilento National Park, in the municipality of capaccio-Trentinara 580 meters above sea level, surrounded by chestnut trees and 'located on the farm. In this splendid reality, more and more people come to see us to rediscover the quality of life. The location between sea and mountains is what characterizes the holiday farm, which offers a reinterpretation of the ancient traditions of Cilento through the development of gastronomy and local products. Away from the pressure of everyday life, in contact with nature is still intact, and the company 'desire to reach, where you can regain possession of propio leisure and wellness propio. A place to feel at home, greeted with warmth and friendliness from all the staff of 'holiday farm that has an ancient mission "to make his guests happy." Everything you can spend a vacation that is relaxing, outdoor sports, from the peacefulness of the nature.

The farm is located in the heart of the Cilento Trentinara, a journey through history and myth, leading, among the rocks and vegetation of Mount Capaccio, the ruins of the castle that dominates the plain of Paestum. Climb up here means to approach a piece of history Cilento, but also means to admire a fabulous that opens like an immense amphitheater where nature is largely intact. Not far from us there is Paestum, which combines the dual attraction of the archaeological site of the most important in Italy and popular seaside resort, with its beach, flanked by its pine forests and rich equipment outdoors. Along Paestum you can still find quiet corners where the buffalo grazing in its natural environment with the opportunity to taste the famous buffalo mozzarella. And 'possible to visit the cave of Castelcivita, located along the valley of the river Heat, a few kilometers downstream from the center of the same name, the entrance of the caves that are lit and open to visitors for 1700 meters, show us an enchanting underground landscape. A series of galleries, salons, bottlenecks and wells that create unique forms of their kind of rich colors, stalactites and stalagmites that stimulate the imagination of those lucky enough to enjoy. Another place to visit is the 'Oasis of Persano consists of a reservoir on the river Sele.

In this stretch of the river are still living specimens of the rare otter, musteide endangered, whose image has become the symbol of the oasis of Persian. A popular venue is Agropoli, a small port with a picturesque beach of the Bay of Trentova, with the eponymous rock, which make it one of the most important seaside resorts of Cilento.

Sleeping places : 10
Location: Hill

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