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VIBONATI - SALERNO - ITALY It is 15 km from Maratea - the country is on a hill, 3 km from the place of the sea more 'neighbor called Villammare! The property is divided by race.

The building dates back to 1427 and in this regard there is a marble plaque commemorating the Queen Isabella of Spain The property includes various rooms (500 square meters) very lively and order are:

- First floor: kitchen area with fireplace - with entrance - bathroom - small studio - entrance and living room for a total surface of approx. 70
- Second floor: bathroom - 2 bedrooms - living room - anti entrance and terrace - (note that in this apartment there is the room where he stayed Giuseppe Garibaldi - remained intact and that need as the apartment of a serious restructuring - to respect there is a commemorative plaque at the entrance of the building that bears witness to the passage of the hero - total surface reaches about 90 square meters.
- Third floor: 2 bedrooms - bathroom - living room with fireplace and terrazo with arches to eat in the summer overlooking the whole hill - total area 55 square meters.
- Fourth floor: 3 bedrooms - living room and small kitchen - total surface of 110 square meters to be restored completely -
Plans faced street side:
- Plan originally used to study - with small living room and two bedrooms + bathroom with a total area of about 45 square meters to be restored
- Floor used for storage and pantry with arches and balconies overlooking inside - with small scale and 2 environments over small terrace also with arches overlooking the street side - total surface of about 70 square meters - completely restored.
- Floor for oil pantry with 4 rooms including one carved into the rock with a total area of about 70 square meters - completely restored
- Environment passing with large arches open onto the garden of 100 square meters. with environment dedicated to the oil processing and oil mill with large circular stone placed on the rock - total area about 80 square meters
The property lends itself to an interesting restoration work and ideal for use it after relais and chateau and re-enter the routes Garibaldi -
The resort does not have such facilities and may have a return of income with important international frequencies in the dwelling.

Nb. The apartment (100 square meters) on the top floor is offered for sale at prices to be agreed with the other properties

The property could fall within the hotel project spread to other properties that could be sold or granted with right of use in the village.
In fact, other owners of buildings located in the historic village, potrebberro join the initiative.

It could also open up interesting prospects for the entire tourism sector: ascents in kayaks River Bussento, waterfalls of Morigerati, trips to Palinuro - visit Padula (set of the film: There once was with Omar Sharif and Sophia Loren - Regia Francesco Rosi)

Interesting prospects also for food products with a Km zero ..