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€ 115,000.00 Apartment complex, newly built, is located in Trentinara, just outside the Cilento National Park, a few minutes from the sea and the mountains, very scenic and sea view. Trentinara fact is called the Terrace of the Cilento, because, from its two panoramic squares you can see breathtaking views, which depart from the Gulf of Salerno up to the Cilento coast, and in the days without haze you can see the islands of Capri and Ischia.

The Residence is also very scenic and facing sea view, consists of 17 units of different types and different sizes, to better adapt to the needs of customers.

The Residence is a residential complex, with fine finishes, certified energy class B and C, with wooden shutters aluminum, with folding door and anotizzate with electric blinds, armored entrance door, tapping with the European Union. All ceramics are "Gardenia Orchid", an Italian brand of quality, all bathrooms are equipped with pieces suspended Brand Vitra and consist of a toilet, bidet, sink, shower, and ready for washing. All apartments have independent heating system, boiler on gas and heating aluminum radiators. All apartments have a predisposition for the alarm system and the domestic hot water through solar panels. All apartments are equipped with satellite and terrestrial antenna.

For all types ground floor there is the garden of 40 square meters, each one with ancient olive tree planted.

A.T.1 Terra 87,26 circa 10mq 40 mq SI € 125.000,00
A.T.2 Terra 91,7 circa 10mq 40 mq SI € 135.000,00
A.1 Primo Piano 93,1 2,  di circa 12mq No No € 115.000,00
A.X. Secondo Piano     No Si € 135.000,00