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The village was built in the eighth century just north of the present center and was subsequently abandoned. Rebuilt, it was subject to the authority of the Abbey of the Holy Trinity of Cava de 'Tirreni until 1410. In the eighteenth century it was owned by the family Capano with title principato.Dal 1811 to 1860 was the capital of the district belonging to the District of Vallo of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. From 1860 to 1927, during the Kingdom of Italy it was the capital of the district of the district belonging to Vallo della Lucania.
Monuments and places of interest
In the capital city are:
• Church of St. Nicholas, the seventeenth century; Palazzo dei Principi Capano 1610, with massive medieval tower, now owned by the city; the Franciscan convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie, the chapel dedicated to St. Peter, The tip is an oasis WWF

Fractions [
Acciaroli, Poplars, Celso, Cannicchio, Galdo Cilento
Infrastructure and transport
Road links are affecting Pollica:
• Regional Road 267 / c;
• Regional Road 267 / d;
• Provincial Road 15 / b Plug SP-116 Sessa Cilento-Omignano-junction Stella Cilento Pollica-Graft-Galdo-SP 48 (Pollica).
• Provincial Road 15 / c engagement SP 48 (Pollica) -Innesto SR former SS 267 (Acciaroli).
• Provincial Road 48/15-SP in Graft-Pollica Pioppi-Graft SR former SS 267.
• Provincial Road 443 Casal Velino Pollica Celso.
• Provincial Road 448 / b Serramezzana-San Mauro Cilento Graft-SP 15 (Galdo).
• In the town there is the tourist port of Acciaroli.