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The main town of Pisciotta, about 100 km south of the capital Salerno, has developed around the top of a low, steep hill overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, on whose slopes run the streams Flowers and St. Macarius. The mouths of the two rivers delimiting downstream the tiny village of Marina di Pisciotta, on the coast below, which is about three kilometers. street. Further inland, about 9 km, and at higher altitude, is the fraction Rodio, that the legend originated from a settlement of the Knights of Rhodes. Finally, about seven kilometers towards Palinuro grew fraction Caprioli, devoid of a true urban center, consisting of several villages scattered across a relatively wide, ranging from the sea to the low hills.

Transport and infrastructure
Major highways
• Regional Road 447 / b Ascea-fork-Rodio Pisciotta-station S.Mauro La Bruca - Foria.
• Regional Road 447 Coll Marina di Pisciotta-Caprioli Station-Graft SS 447.
• Provincial Road 14 / a Graft SS-447 Marina di Pisciotta.
• Provincial Road 14 / b Graft former SS 447 (Caprioli) -Valle Marco.
• Provincial Road 257 Graft former SS 447 (Pisciotta) -Rodio.
• Provincial Road 348 Graft SP 14 / a (station Pisciotta) -Innesto former SS 447 (towards Palinuro).
• Provincial Road 389 Graft former SS 447-Graft former SS 447 / b Villa Serena-Caprioli.
Along the Battipaglia-Reggio Calabria is the station of Pisciotta-Palinuro, located about 3 km from Pisciotta, along the coastal road towards Caprioli; It is a port of some importance for reasons mainly tourism, in which long-distance trains stop, including Eurostar.
• tourist port of Marina di Pisciotta