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The village, called Casalicchio previously, from 1811 to 1860 it was part of the district of Pollica, belonging alDistretto Vallo of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.
With the annexation to the Kingdom of Sardinia changed the name in Casal Velino (sometimes Casalvelino in public documents). Al1927 from 1860, during the Kingdom of Italy was part of the district of Pollica, belonging to the District of Vallo della Lucania.
Infrastructure and transport
• Highway 18 Tirrena Inferiore.
• Regional Road 267 / d Graft SP 15 (Acciaroli) -Innesto SP 161 (Casalvelino marina).
• Regional Road 267 / SP 161 and Grafting (Casalvelino Marina) -Innesto SR 447 (Casalvelino indirect).
• Provincial Road 77 Graft SP 15 (Pollica) -Stella Cilento-Acquavella Graft SR-267.
• Provincial Road 80 Graft SS-80 Salento-Graft SP 47.
• Provincial Road 108 Coupling SR-267 Casalvelino.
• Provincial Road 161 graft-graft SR 447 SR 267 (Ascea Marina).
• Provincial Road 274 Graft SS-18 Pedemontana-Bivio S. Lucia-ro. Four Bridges Graft SR-267.
• Provincial Road 358 Graft SR 267 - Graft SP 108 (Cermoleo).
• Provincial Road 430 / a Graft SS 18 (Paestum) -Agropoli North-South-Prignano Cilento Agropoli-Perito-Omignano (loc. Ponti Rossi) -Vallo Scalo.
• Provincial Road 430 / b Junction Vallo Scalo-Pattano-Vallo della Lucania-V.-Cuccaro-Ceraso Futani.
• Provincial Road 443 Casalvelino-Celso Pollica.
• Marina of Marina di Casal Velino.