Olevano sul Tusciano-Campania-Italy

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From 1811 to 1860 he was part of the district of Montecorvino, belonging to the District of Salerno of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.
From 1860 to 1927, during the Kingdom of Italy, it was part of the district of Montecorvino, belonging to the district of Salerno. It suffered severe damage in the earthquake of 1980.
With the advent of fascism, together with the neighboring municipality of Campagna, the population has always nurtured a spirit of conscience and solidarity with the Jews and aversion to totalitarian regime.
In 1980 the town was heavily damaged by the earthquake in Irpinia; especially the fraction Salitto in the area bordering the town of Acerno.

The town is located about 16 km from the sea
Monuments and places of interest
Civil architecture
• Villa in St. Mary's Roman Court.
Military architecture
• Castrum Olibani - The Lombard castle.
Religious Architecture
• Cave of San Michele Arcangelo.
• Cell of San Vincenzo.
• Convent of Santa Maria of Constantinople, built in the sixteenth century by the Dominicans.
• Curtis St. Mary's Court.
• Parish church of St. Mary in Court (1600).
• Parish church of St. Leo the Great (1700).
• Parish church of Saint Lucia (1700).
• Congregation of Santa Regina in Monticello village (1470).
• Chapel of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Monticelli (1746).
• Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Monticelli (1967).
• Congregation of St. James in Ariano (1400).
• Congregation of San Rocco in Ariano (1889).
• Chapel of St. Rocco (ruins) near the river Tusciano.
• Chapel of Our Lady of the Snow (1500).
• Congregation of Santa Maria del Soccorso in the village of Busolino Salitto (1515).
• Chapel of Our Lady of the Rosary in the village of Valle Salitto (968).
• Chapel of Our Lady of Grace in the village of Capocasale Salitto (1500).
• Cave Nardantuono: arm of St Michael's Cave which, according to legend was the refuge of the bands of brigands led by Antonio di Nardo, aka the robber Nardantuono.
• Pro-Loco of Olevano Romano.
• Usd Olevano Soccer
• Parish museum of the parish Santa Maria in Corte hamlet in Monticello.
• Band "City of Olevano Romano";
• Group players of fifes and drums of San Michele Arcangelo;
• Folk Group Tuscianense "'O Mezzetto";
• Music Association "Olimpia".
• Carnival of the poor: the parade of masks depicting the twelve months of a donkey with the funeral of King Carnival;
• Via Crucis Vivente Monticelli in the district on the evening of Good Friday;
• Festival of St. Michael the Archangel: May 8 with procession from the village to the cave;
• Itineranda: theater festival in July;
• Party at the village Monticello: gastronomic journey;
• The Saga of Nardantuono: representation predatory Cannabosto the town in July and August;
• The Bagliva in civitas Tusciani: gastronomic and historical commemoration;
• Liturgical Feast of St. Michael the Archangel: September 29 with the liturgical celebration in the cave;
• Liturgical Feast of Saint Lucia: Dec. 13 in the hamlet Salitto;
• Living Nativity: representation of the Nativity of Christ in the breaking Salitto;
• Tusciano Art and Music Festival: held every year, the last week of September in the locality Monticelli;
Infrastructure and transport
Major highways
• Provincial Road 29 Battipaglia Graft SR-164, the main thoroughfare of the town;
• Provincial Road 325 Coupling SR-164 Plug SP 428 (Frosano);
• Provincial Road 350 Graft SP 29 (Olevano) -Eboli;
• Provincial Road 428 Macchia Monticelli (Coupling SR-164 Olevano Romano).
• Provincial Road 230 Scissors Olevano-Ariano.