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  • Agropoli Il Metr del Mare al Porto
  • Agropoli Il Porto al Tramonto
  • Agropoli Monumento ai Caduti
  • Agropoli Monumento dei Caduti in Mare
  • Agropoli San Francesco
  • Agropoli Stazione Ferroviaria Agropoli Castellabate
  • Agropoli Torre S. Francesco e scoglio omonimo
  • Agropoli Torre S. Marco
  • Agropoli Baia di Trentova
  • Agropoli Castello Aragonese
  • Agropoli Frome Marina
  • Agropoli Il Faro
  • Agropoli Lungomare view
  • Agropoli Lungomare
  • Agropoli Madonna
  • Agropoli Marina
  • Agropoli View
  • agropoli promontorio foto mazzafoto
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  • Gli Scaloni e il Porto
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  • La Baia di San Francesco, Agropoli
  • La Fornace
  • Lungomare
  • Trentova

AGROPOLI is a town  located in the Cilento area of the province of Salerno, Campania, Italy. 

CASTELLO ARAGONESE: Built by the Byzantines in the 5th century, the castle was further strengthened during the Algevin period, the time of the Vespro war bloodbath. The castle continued to be modified and only part of the original walls remain. It is quite a walk up the steps from the new town to the old part of Agropoli, but its worth it. The views below to the port and coastline are spectacular.

PORTO I MARINA:  Located at the foot of Old Town, Porto i Marina stretches along the coast and is full of bars and restaurants. Take a stroll along the water, look at fishermen docking up and unloading the catch of the day, see the pleasure boats carrying excited tourists back, or stop at a bar for a nice glass of wine.

BAIA DI TRENTOVA BEACH/SCOGLIO: Nice beach near Agropoli. Scoglio Trentova is technically an island - a very small one but cool looking, and fun to jump off of!!